About OBR

OBR’s mission is to connect academic innovators from across disciplines with each other and the industry resources necessary to move ideas forward.

Engaging our Community

We engage our community via our four arms:

  • Education: various seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities that provide unique industry perspective, and help foster on-campus conversations between established industry professionals and student/postdocs who will be future industry leaders.
  • Consultancy: term-long internships that provide industry exposure to young innovators, allow for mixed teams from top global universities, and introduce industry players to talented young researchers.
  • Entrepreneurship: hosting of the world’s largest biotech business plan competition, OneStart, in conjunction with SR One. We run parallel competitions in Europe and the Americas – awarding £100k/$150k + free lab space to the top entrepreneurial team of under-36 year olds.
  • Communications: extensive outreach via our Roundtable Review, whereby we publish and invite original commentary from our academic and professional network to increase dialogue at the intersection of science and business.

Our goal is to tear down the barriers that prevent communication and collaboration between academia and industry.

Oxbridge Roundtable Limited is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, Company No. 07771179, registered at 7 Greenland St, London NW1 0ND.

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OBR Consulting

Innovative Business Consulting

OBR Consulting is a unique opportunity for researchers and students to gain experience in consultancy projects at the intersection of science, business and entrepreneurship.

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