About OBR - Executive Committee

The OBR Executive Team directs the growth and strategy of the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable. These functions include heading the expansion of OBR through the establishment of new chapters, directing the Consulting program, and managing the relationships between OBR and its advisors and partners.

Founder, CEO

Daniel Perez

Dan founded OBR in June 2011 out of frustration with the lack of academic / industry ties in the life sciences. Since then he's led OBR's expansion from Oxford across the UK, and to America, Singapore and Hong Kong - and now to over 20,000 members, and partnerships with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. He also founded Marblar, a VC-backed product development company based in London that turns science into products. Partners include NASA, Penn, and Northwestern University.
Originally from Miami, Dan's a dual-PhD student at Oxford and The Scripps Research Research Institute in California. He has an unhealthy addiction to political news and is rumored to have copious amounts of pop music on his iPod. (An allegation he vehemently denies.)

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Mecklenburg

Gabriel Mecklenburg is a 3rd year PhD candidate at Imperial College London, where he is working on tissue engineering methods. Gabriel joined OBR during the run-up to the expansion into London and sits on the overall OBR Exec Committee.

OneStart Director

John Daley

John is a JD student at Stanford Law School ('16) and managed the inaugural OneStart business plan competition while studying Neuroscience at Oxford. He completed his undergrad at McGill University, studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. He hopes to work with emerging companies, particularly representing life science startups.

OBR Consulting

Innovative Business Consulting

OBR-Consulting is a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in consultancy projects at the intersection of science, business and entrepreneurship.

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