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Manchester Chapter


OBR made its first push into the north of the UK in September 2012 via Manchester. As Manchester is an important northern UK biotechnology hub, an OBR chapter here is expected to foster further growth throughout the north by initiating new networks amongst innovative individuals and promoting further bio-enterprising with the aim to rapidly expand to the many other world-class institutions in the north of the UK.

Chapter President

James Leigh

James is a second year PhD student at the University of Manchester working at the interface of chemistry and biology. Based at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, his research is focused on the development of novel RNA-based gene expression systems for synthetic biology applications. His interests are in technology transfer and biotech investment.

Peter Harvey
Consulting Project Manager

Peter Harvey

Peter obtained a PhD from Durham University in 2012. He is currently undertaking an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship at the University of Manchester, focusing on the development of novel luminescent biosensors based on a combination of enzymes and rare-earth upconversion nanoparticles. Besides academic research, additional interests include science communication and consulting.

Leopoldo Picture
Consulting Project Manager

Leopoldo Herrera Rodriguez

Leopoldo holds a degree in Biotechnology Engineering, and an MSc in Biotechnology and enterprise. He has 2 years of industrial experience and is currently a second year PhD student in Biotechnology at the University of Manchester. His work focuses on the production, optimization and characterization of proteins of industrial interest in microalgae. Leopoldo is passionate about bio-entrepreneurship, product development and translational science.

Events Lead

Joe Segal

Joe obtained a BSc (Hons) class I in Biological sciences with 1year in industry at The University of Birmingham in 2011. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Stem Cell Biology at the University of Manchester focusing on the role of E-cadherin in embryonic stem cell pluripotency. Besides academic research he is interested in bio-entrepreneurship, marketing and public engagement.

Outreach and Marketing Lead

Katharina Ecsy

Kathy is a third year PhD student at the University of Manchester, working as part of the Human Pain Research Group, based at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Her research focuses on alleviating acute and chronic pain through EEG brain oscillatory entrainment in patients and healthy volunteers. In 2011, Kathy obtained a degree in Neuroscience BSc (Hons) from the University of Bristol. Additional interests include biotech innovation, marketing, science communication and consulting.

Chapter Correspondent

Catherine Castillo

Catherine is a first year PhD student at the University of Manchester. She is currently investigating the impact of assisted reproductive technologies on the long-term health outcomes of IVF-conceived children in northern England as part of a Marie Curie Early Stage Research fellowship. Before relocating to the UK, she obtained an MA in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University. She has previous experience working in longitudinal psycho-social survey research as well as pharmaceutical clinical trials. She is interested in public health, statistics, dancing, and just recently began long-distance running. She hopes to run an actual marathon one day.

Dr Malcolm Rhodes

University of Manchester

Dr Rhodes' research has been the application of bioscience to the industrial production of biological medicines, with previous roles at Pfizer, Celltech (now Lonza Biologics and UCB) a number of biotech companies. In more recent years Dr Rhodes has returned to the UK as Technical Director of bioProcessUK, and has been the industrial co-ordinator of the Bioprocessing Research Industry Club, working to promote research into biopharmaceuticals. Dr Rhodes was awarded a BBSRC Industrial Impact Fellowship to work in the Centre of Excellence in Biopharmaceuticals, helping to build collaborations with companies.

Tuesday, 17th June 2014 @ 6:00pm

Manchester Chapter: The Role of Private Industry in Addressing the Global Public Health Medical Need: What, Why and How?

University of Manchester Innovation Centre (UMIC), 48 Grafton Street, The University of Manchester, Manchester M13, UK
Saturday, 29th March 2014 @ 9:00am

Manchester Chapter: Consulting Case Competition

Manchester Business School, 57 Booth Street West, Manchester, Greater Manchester M15 6PQ, UK
Tuesday, 25th February 2014 @ 6:00pm

Manchester Chapter: Survive or Thrive? The Future of Biotech in the North West

The University of Manchester, Michael Smith Building Lecture Theatre, Dover Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M13 9XR, UK
Thursday, 13th February 2014 @ 3:30pm

Manchester Chapter: The Rights and Wrongs of Successful Science Writing

Ellen Wilkinson Building, Room C5.1, Blyton Street, The University of Manchester, Manchester, Greater Manchester M15 6JA, UK

Manchester Enterprise Centre

Based within Manchester Business School, the Manchester Enterprise Centre is recognised as a leader in enterprise education and aims to inspire, educate and develop enterprising individuals and enable them to positively impact the growth of dynamic organisations.

Enterprise is a key part of the University of Manchester’s vision to be, ‘an innovative institution that values and encourages the transfer of knowledge and technology to influence and advance economic development regionally, nationally and internationally.’

Former Chapter President, OBR-Manchester (12-13)

Eric Chang

Eric was previously Manchester Chapter president for the academic year 2012-2013.

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