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The Commercial Potential of Big Data in Biotech & OneStart Americas Competition Launch

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Event Date: November 7th, 2013, 5:30 pm


Recently “Big Data” has become almost cliché, a buzz word bandied by tech stars leveraging their mathematical acumen to crunch site visits and bounce rates to deliver ever more potent advertisements.  But the real promise of Big Data lies in health care.

As the cost of acquiring data lowers, academia and industry are amassing data by the petabyte (that’s 1,000 terabytes) from microarrays, high-throughput sequencing, drug compound libraries, and even patient data. For example, when the Human Genome Project wrapped up in 2003, it took more than a decade and billions of dollars to appreciate the 20,000 genes buried within the 3 billion bases. Now another 3 billion bases can be sequenced in a morning. The price has continued to fall, from billions in the 1990s, to $10M in 2007, to less than $1000 today – a vertiginous decline outpacing Gordon Moore’s eponymous law.

From sequencing in the clinic, to predictive modeling of drug compounds, evidence-based medicine and massive clinical trials – the commercial potential of Big Data is approaching an inflection point in the life sciences. However, as AstraZeneca’s Vice President of R&D, John Reynders, warns, “big data is only going to be as good as the questions that are being asked of it.” In this spirit, we ask:

  • What is (and can) being done with all of this data?
  • What questions are being asked, what can we ask?
  • How do we take mountains of this data from the server closet and the cloud, in order to translate it into clinically relevant outcomes?
  • Where are the largest life science commercial opportunities in Big Data over the next 5 years?

This event will be followed by the US launch of the OneStart Competition, the largest business plan competition of it’s kind in the world.

Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable has teamed up with SR One – the venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline, to bring the world’s largest biotech business plan competition to North America.

We are looking for innovative ideas from across health care and the life sciences which have the potential to deliver meaningful impact on the lives of patients. We welcome ideas at all stages of development from any of 4 tracks: Drug Discovery, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Healthcare IT. We also invite those interested in biotech entrepreneurship but without an idea of their own to apply at our Co-Founders Hub, where applicants can view your profiles and find the talent they need to complete their team.

First round submissions open in October and the application deadline is December 15, 11:59 PST. Its never too early to start thinking about your idea, forming a team, and thinking about how you’ll use the $150k.

The prize is $150,000 (no-strings-attached) + 1 year of free lab space and ongoing legal and business advising.

Learn more and apply at

Speakers at this event

Stephen Tanner Picture

Stephen Tanner, Ph.D. - Associate Director of Bioinformatics, Illumina

Speaker bio
Nicholas Schork Picture

Nicholas Schork, Ph.D. - Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Speaker bio
Chaitan Baru Picture

Chaitan Baru, Ph.D. - Associate Director of Data Initiatives, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Speaker bio
San Diego Chapter Event

When & Where

  • Building 12 Auditorium, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute: 10905 Road to the Cure, San Diego, CA 92121
  • 10905 Road to the Cure, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Thursday, 7th November 2013 @ 5:30pm

Event attendees

    This event currently has 187 attendees, including:

  • A. Taylor Bright, Novoron Bioscience, Inc.
  • Aaron Friedman
  • Abdur Amin, UCSD
  • Alejandra Mendoza, Genentech
  • Alessandro Monge, Schrodinger
  • Alex Thomas, UCSD
  • Alka Malhotra
  • Amrita Dosanjh M.D., affil Rady Childrens medical staff
  • Andres Volker, Axion
  • Andrew G. Hatch, SDSU
  • Andrew Gross, University of California- San Diego
  • Andu Nguyen, UCSD, OBR, APDCC
  • Anju Sandhu, INVENT Pharmaceuticals
  • Anne Conway, UCSD
  • Ashley Van Zeeland, Cypher Genomics
  • Astrid Stoker, UC San Diego
  • Azeem Siddique, UCSD
  • Benjamin Madej, UCSD, SDSC
  • Beth Anne Baber, The Nicholas Conor Institute
  • Bin Tang
  • Boyko Kakaradov, UCSD/SCRM
  • Brent Payne
  • Cassandra Morales-De Silvestore, San Diego State University
  • Charles Yung, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Cheslav Versky
  • Chloe Rivera, UCSD
  • Christel Sutterley, Rady School of Management
  • Christel sutterley, Rady
  • Christina Wan
  • Cromwell Cornillez-Ty, UCSD - Rady School of Management
  • Curt Becker, Molecular Assemblies
  • Curtis Tyree, HUYA Bioscience
  • Dan Ruchman, Ruchman & Associates
  • Daniel Perez, Oxford
  • Eduard Porta Pardo, Sanford-Burnham
  • Edward OBrien, UCSD
  • Edward Robinson, TechLaw LLP
  • Emily Pfeiffer, UCSD
  • Eric Stava
  • Eric Sun
  • Evan Tully, BTSA
  • Evangelene Lu, Healthcare Innovations Consulting
  • Fan Mo
  • Feng Zhu, UCSD
  • Garrett Cookson, OBR-San Diego
  • Gary Gao, Med Data Quest, Inc
  • Geoff Weiner
  • Gloria Temple, Free Lance Recruiter
  • Gonzalo Urrutia, Society of Statisticians and Actuaries at SDSU
  • Gordon Bean, UCSD
  • Gracielli Kautz, PRA
  • Helen Kim, OBR
  • Henry Liu, UCSD
  • Ian Pierce, SDSU
  • Iryna Dzieciuch, SDSU
  • Jack Scatizzi, SD Tech Coast Angels
  • Jahir Gutierrez, UC San Diego
  • James Madsen, UCSD
  • James McCanna, Electrozyme
  • Jamie Collins, Millennium Laboratories
  • Janarbek, ucsd
  • Jann Key, Premier Research
  • Janusz Dutkowski, Data4Cure
  • Jean Spence, Omnitron Biosciences
  • Jennifer T Fouquier, San Diego State University
  • Jenny Huang, UCSD
  • Jian Yang, Xen Biosciences
  • jiansong tong, TSRI
  • Joe Cribari, UC San Diego
  • John Sam-Soon
  • John Whitaker, UCSD
  • Jose Utrilla Carreri, UCSD
  • Josh Silverman, TSRI
  • Joshua Hauptman, Student
  • Joshua Lerman, ucsd
  • Jung Joo Hwang, UCSD
  • Justin Chakma, Thomas, McNerney & Partners
  • Kate Rogers, UCSD
  • Kathleen Kite-Powell, Emory School of Medicine (remote temp. editor)
  • Ke Kang, SDSU
  • Kelvin Chan, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Kenan Azam, UCSD
  • Kevin Davenport, R Users Group San Diego
  • Kevin Young, UCSD
  • Kiltesh Patel, tab32
  • Kimberly Duffy, Rady-UCSD
  • Ko-Wei Lin, UCSD
  • Kristopher Standish, UCSD/STSI
  • Kunal Bhutani, UCSD/STSI
  • Lauryn Keeler, SDSU BTSA
  • Long Jin, UCSD
  • Lorelyn Shannon
  • Lorenzo Berti, Illumina, Inc.
  • Louis Ferland, Louis Ferland Biotech Consulting
  • Maeoll Kim, San Diego State University
  • Manjula Darshi, UCSD
  • Marc Ting, San Diego State University
  • Marcelo Rivas-Astroza, UCSD
  • Maria Babizki, Rady School of Business
  • Mario Navarro, SBMRI
  • Mary Nguyen, UCSD
  • Matt Dedek, Pathway Genomics
  • Matt Schultz, UCSD
  • Matthew Archer, Bionomics Consulting Group
  • Melvina E. Hill, Melvina Hill Consulting
  • Merril Gersten, UCSD
  • Michael Benchimol, Sonrgy
  • Michael Hsu, UCSD SOM
  • Monica Berlanga
  • Monica Skoge, UCSD
  • Monika Schneider, SBMRI
  • Nathan Lewis
  • Nathan Mih, UCSD
  • Nima Hatami, UCSD
  • Olin Hyde, Englue Inc.
  • Olivia Ryder
  • Paola Bignone, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
  • Patrick Hofmann, Genomatix Software, Inc.
  • Patrick Merel, Portable Genomics
  • Paul Fryling, SDSU
  • Paul Schuber, Keck Graduate Institute
  • Pengfei Yu, UCSD
  • Philip Miller, UCSD
  • Philippe Faurie, LabATM
  • Prasanna Adhikari, Pradhi, Inc.
  • Priyal Thakur, UCSD
  • Rachel Tsui, UCSD
  • Raghu Sugavanam
  • Randy Schreckhise, Gamma Biotech, LLC
  • Robert Cooper, UCSD
  • Robyn Leary, TSRI
  • Rudolf Pillich, OBR
  • Ruggero Scorcioni
  • Ryan Simkovsky, UCSD
  • Ryon Graf, Sanford Burnham / UCSD Moores Cancer Center
  • Sachin Kantipudi
  • Sally Kim, OBR
  • Sanjit Singh, Englue
  • Sean Nam
  • Sean Oldham, Sanford-Burnham
  • Shangzhong Li, UCSD
  • Shreyasi Das, SBMRI
  • Sigrid Katz, UCSD
  • Siobhan Miick, Hologic Gen-Probe
  • Sol Reyna, UCSD
  • Sree Nair, UCSD
  • Stan Gromkowski, Gromkowski Consulting
  • Steve Kautz, Genetic Research Affiliates LLC
  • Steve Nathan, Amara Health Analytics
  • Suzanne Thomas, The Salk Institute
  • Sylvia Norman, Molecular Diagnostics Consulting
  • Tamika Franklin, UC San Diego
  • Tanja Muetze
  • Thomas Stark, UCSD
  • Tiffany Y. Liang, SDSU
  • Tiliang Deng, UCSD
  • Tom Christensen, Ag TechInventures
  • Tri Nguyen, University of California, San Diego
  • Tufan Aydogdu, Sanford-Burnham
  • Vadim Patsalo, TSRI
  • Vandana Sharma, SBMRI
  • Vanessa Thomas, UC Riverside
  • Vincent T Metzger, UCSD
  • Wei Wei, UCSD
  • WIlliam Sinko, Dart Neuroscience
  • Xiaoyi Cao, University of California, San Diego
  • YI ZENG, University of California, San Diego
  • Zhaleh Amini, OBR

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