For Students

OBR-Consulting gives you a chance to gain some real experience in management and strategy consulting.

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For Organisations

OBR-Consulting hand-picks students from our chapters to provide innovative business consulting for your organisation.

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OBR Consulting

OBR Consulting is a unique platform to meet the growing need for consultancy at the intersection of science, business and entrepreneurship.

The innovative OBR Consulting approach combines several complementary intellectual resources based on our campuses and our OBR network to deliver solutions to our clients that are not only of the highest quality but also economical.

Given OBR’s campus diversity, geographical reach, scope of knowledge, and scale of talent – we are uniquely suited to address problems others cannot.

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OBR Consulting

Innovative Business Consulting

OBR-Consulting is a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in consultancy projects at the intersection of science, business and entrepreneurship.

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