The OBR Consulting Approach

OBR Consulting seeks to understand your business needs inside out to deliver high impact recommendations. To that end, OBR Consulting applies a unique and innovative approach towards delivering high quality consultancy at extremely attractive prices resulting in innovative solutions of high value for our clients.

The core part of each consulting project is a team of high caliber students and post-docs from our partner campuses strategically selected to match the needs of of our client. OBR Consulting has a highly selective and rigorous recruiting procedure on the UK’s top campuses that typically attracts a minimum ratio of 5+ applicants for each available position. The student team performs much of the research and analysis for the project under the close guidance of a Mentor, who is usually an experienced professional from business consulting, for the entirety of the project.

OBR Consulting’s executive leadership is comprised of students with previous consulting experience, dedicated to provide high quality service and to manage the student teams with the most exacting standards. Prior to the start of the project, an OBR-Consulting Executive works with clients to define the key aspects of the project, allocate the project to a suitable OBR chapter or campus, draw from the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable’s extensive network the most suitable students, and assign a mentor (either an experienced business professional or relevant faculty member) to each student team. Throughout the project, the OBR Consulting Executive acts as a key link between the client, student team and mentor, as well as managing project expectations and coordinating the student team. The Solutions Executive is responsible for the overall success of the project, is the client’s primary contact within OBR-Consulting, and offers technical advice where it is needed.

The OBR Consulting team also draws upon the experience and resources of our OBR Consulting Advisory Board – which consists of highly qualified faculty and experienced professionals such as management consultants or industry executives. Furthermore, as an additional research source, OBR Consulting has the unique opportunity to reach out to the extensive Roundtable Community that consists of academics and industry professionals from across Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Key components of an OBR Consulting project:

OBR Consulting overview

OBR Consulting Overview

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