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OBR-Consulting covers a broad range of consulting areas. Below are examples of potential project focus areas. For more information please contact Gabriel Mecklenburg.

Corporate Strategy

  • Market Space Evaluation (including niche analysis, market entry strategy)
  • Alliance/Partnership Evaluation
  • Product/Service Growth Evaluation
  • Alignment of Multidisciplinary Activities

Project Example: Identify current market growth opportunities in our therapeutic area, evaluate our presence in the market, and design a strategy to align both research and commercialization to maximize our presence nationally.

R&D Consulting

  • Risk/Benefit Assessment
  • Target Profiling
  • New Product Value (including market and competitor evaluation, market space)
  • New Product Protection (including IP)

Project Example: Suggest an appropriate IP strategy for a series of products in order to protect and maintain exclusivity, and maximize return. Compare this IP strategy with leading competitors.

Franchise Strategy

  • Cohesive Strategy Evaluation
  • Franchise Planning/Transformation
  • Internal Franchise Comparison/Evaluation

Project Example: Determine an appropriate tool with which to identify lead franchises, measure success, and compare between franchises.

Portfolio management

  • Resource Allocation
  • Individual Project Evaluations

Project Example: Examine the broad range of product and programs currently being investigated at our company. Determine the optimal balance of research programs to invest in over the coming year by quantitatively evaluating target profiles, risks and uncertainties and other customized metrics in order to maximize portfolio value.

Opportunity Evaluations

  • Potential Product Assessment (including value, market potential, candidate selection)
  • Potential Opportunity Assessment (including value, strategic direction, mission alignment)
  • Potential Sale of Product/Technology (interested market buyers, value)

Project Example: Identify lead candidates by evaluating the application and market potential, potential interested parties and the global advantage gained with each product. Examine which of our current lead candidates fit best with our vision, mission and strategic direction.

Alliance Creation and Management

  • Strategic Partnership Evaluation (both industry and academic)
  • Strategic Partnership Implementation Planning

Project Example: Evaluate our current alliance initiation and implementation plan. Identify ways our research organization can build effective strategic partnerships with industry to leverage our research experience.

Economic Development

  • Global Industry Trends (including best practice, competitor growth)
  • Regional vs Global Growth (evaluation of regional strengths, global gaps)
  • Strategy Implementation for Development

Project Example: Identify current trends and best practice in the global life sciences industry specific to our areas of strength, and identify the best strategy for us to employ in developing our market share of the life sciences sector.

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