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OBR-Consulting encourages highly skilled students and academics from all backgrounds to apply for OBR-Consulting projects. The OBR-Consulting Programme provides a unique opportunity for outstanding students from all backgrounds to gain experience in business consulting, acquire insight into bio-business and build a strong network with other high caliber peers and industry professionals, while contributing to industry by solving real-life business problems.


Each team consists of 4-5 members, including a Team Leader. The role of the Team Leader is to co-ordinate team meetings and report to the Project Manager to ensure the project is on track and final deadlines are met. Team Leaders may progress to Project Managers based on previous project performance.

Time commitment

OBR-Consulting projects are part-time commitments, designed to be completed in parallel to full-time academic commitments. Project teams usually meet during evenings and weekends in a manner suitable for full-time students. While it is understood that all student members have academic commitments, as OBR-Consultants, participants have made a formal business commitment to clients by accepting projects and are expected to complete projects in a professional manner in order to receive their Consulting Achievement Certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact our OBR-Consulting Lead directly: Juan Cueva

How to apply

We are constantly looking for exceptional candidates. Please apply via our online form.

After initial review, candidate applicants will be contacted directly about upcoming projects and an interview for inclusion on respective project teams.

Only OBR members are eligible to apply. Join OBR


Q1. Am I eligible to apply to OBR-Consulting projects?
Ans. To be an eligible applicant, you need to satisfy the following criteria –
- Be a student (or recent graduate), post doc or staff member at any OBR member campus.
- Be an OBR member. You can enroll for free membership at –

Q2. How much time commitment is required for an OBR-Consulting project?
Ans. Each member in the OBR-Consulting student team is required to commit at least 10 hrs/week for the entirety of the project. Projects typically run for 8 weeks. Time commitments include attending meetings, conducting individual research and writing reports and can vary on a project-by-project basis.

Q3. Do I have to work at the client’s office site?
Ans. No. Although it might be a good idea to visit the company to understand it operationally, you will not be required to work there. Most teams meet on campus, at locations convenient for all project team members.

Q4. Can I choose the project I want to work on?
Ans. Please mention any preferences and/or pre-existent expertise that would particularly equip you for a specific project. However, due to the high number of applicants, we cannot guarantee each applicant’s first choice.

Q5. Can I work on an OBR-Consulting project being carried out at another OBR campus?
Ans. Your application will automatically be forwarded to your campus’ OBR-Consulting project manager and we strongly recommend that you participate in the projects being held on your campus. However, if you are interested in other projects, please contact the OBR-Consulting leader of the respective campus directly.

Q6. Who do I contact if I need more information?
Ans. For more information about the OBR-Consulting program or specific projects, please contact the OBR-Consulting Lead, Juan Cueva.

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